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Each Partner Relationship

is Highly Customized

Lifetime Residual Income

Share of Equipment or Software Profit

Signing Bonuses

No Selling

Becoming a Referral Partner with World Payment Services

Do you have customers or clients that are an asset? Could they use merchant account processing services? Is your core business B2B? Our partners are typically any business that sells to business owners such as POS companies, software developers, website design and hosting firms, business opportunity offerings, and a host of others. Can a merchant account be "packaged" with your core offering? What about using merchant account services as a follow up up-sell to new customers or clients?

By becoming a World Payment Service™ partner you will earn a lifetime share of the processing fees merchants pay to accept credit cards. In addition, each new merchant account though our partnership can mean upfront commissions for you. Each partnership with World Payment Service™ is highly customized.

Why wait?
Your existing relationships could be a hidden asset in adding merchant account services. Find out today how we can properly work together to both of our benefit.

So how do you get involved?
It's simple. Contact us about being a partner and someone will get back with you right away.

Free to Enroll with No Upfront, Ongoing, or Hidden Fees

  • Customized to Your Business Relationships

  • Sales Support Partner Assigned to You

  • All Merchants Enjoy Reduced Rates and Fees Through Cost Plus Pricing

  • Capitalize on Technological Innovations

  • Vital Service for Business Owners

  • Overrides on Recruited Partners

  • Lifetime Residual Income

  • No Hard Selling, No Hype

  • Ongoing Training and Support

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