Merchant Account Application

After submitting your information, you will receive an email to review your final application where you can make changes or enter missing information. You will have final review and approval of all terms, rates and fees.

Merchant Account Free Promotion

If you apply for a merchant account we will pay your setup, application, or reprogramming fee. In addition, should you want to accept credit cards over the internet with a virtual terminal or shopping cart we can assist you with the setup at no charge. This is a savings to you of over $300!

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Our Guarantee

All merchants are provided the lowest rates and fees available based on business type, volume, ticket, and many other factors. Our promise to you is full disclosure of all rates and fees customized to your business. You will be the final judge.


"In calling the customer service center in regards to questions, each and every time I have received excellent customer service – taking the time to answer each and every question and offer to help step-by-step. The services offered and rates associated are very competitive, but the customer service is by far the most compelling reason why I would recommend other business associates to your company."

-Mark Gingerella

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