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Authorized Clover Reseller
World Payment Services™ Guarantee

Since 1998, the founders of World Payment Services™ have built a reputation on a belief that referrals were the lifeblood of our business. The costs to gain one referral are far less than the costs in gaining the trust of a new merchant. So if you want to focus on referrals you need to focus on service and price. We call this our "inside reality". What good are marketing

initiatives without a competitive and compelling inside reality? Most importantly, an inside reality retains merchants. One merchant retained is one merchant gained.

If gaining referrals and retaining merchants is what it's all about then you better have a price. Knowing this, our low cost guarantee comes from having the purchasing power of thousands of merchants, reduced selling cost of referrals, and keeping overhead low through economies of scale.

All merchants are provided the lowest rates and fees available based on business type, volume, ticket, and many other factors. Our promise to you is full disclosure of all rates and fees customized to your business. You will be the final judge.

Faith in Pricing

We promise to honor and respect the trust you have placed in us, do the right thing, set rates and fees fairly and competitively, and never participate in or betray you with bait and switch tactics.

No High Pressure

Most of our business is based on referrals. Our philosophy has always meant a zero tolerance policy towards salespeople using high pressure sales tactics.

Service Standards

We promise to provide you a quality experience, be your advocate, respect your time, listen, and own your service needs until you've achieved successful resolution.

Full Disclosure of Rates & Fees 

Prior to approving the final application you shall be provided with a summary of all rates and fees customized to your business. You will never be blindsided.

Ready to start? Simply apply online with our free application and begin accepting credit cards in real time in less than 48 hours.

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