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Internet Payment Processing Using a Payment Gateway

World Payment Services™, powered by First Data, provides solutions that enable you to process transactions from any location with an Internet connection or expand your existing Web payment capabilities. A virtual terminal is an online payment application that allows you to accept credit cards and other payment types using your PC. The virtual terminal also acts as your gateway account management application and allows you to view gateway processing reports, edit fraud settings, manage users, and more.

Whether you operate in a brick-and-click environment or a wholly online one, success in the eCommerce/CNP marketplace requires the ability to accept a broad range of payment types, including credit, debit and gift cards, as well as eChecks and alternative payments like PayPal and Google Checkout. It requires a comprehensive range of payment products and services that can be integrated to meet the unique needs of your business and your customers, with the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and the scalability to grow with your business.

Because the eCommerce marketplace is multi-national, merchants must reach seamlessly across borders and currencies. And regardless of how far your reach extends, you must be able to protect your customers and their payments with state-of-the-art security and fraud protection systems.

World Payment Services™ Advantages
Whether eCommerce is your primary focus for a merchant account service or you depend on any combination of in-person, online, telephone and mail-order sales, World Payment Services™ can deliver more value to your business. We can help streamline your implementation, improve integration across channels, and optimize your payment processes to speed transactions, cut costs and improve your flow of funds.

We can help minimize risk with industry-leading fraud prevention tools and address compliance with products that meet the highest Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. We can grow with you too, with scalable systems and continued investment in new technologies that are advancing our eCommerce solutions to even higher levels of service, security and reliability.

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All merchants are provided the lowest rates and fees available based on business type, volume, ticket, and many other factors. Our promise to you is full disclosure of all rates and fees customized to your business. You will be the final judge. View our World Payment Services™ Guarantee.

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