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Every day, millions of businesses make sales in the field, yet many still have to call in credit card numbers to their home offices where someone manually enters transactions.

In these situations, retailers can spend an additional 15 to 20 minutes with each sale, create paper transactions that put them at

a higher risk for fraud and chargebacks, pay much higher rates, and wait additional time for funds to be deposited. 

With World Payment Services wireless solutions, we make accepting credit card transactions truly mobile by processing them wherever your business takes you. Ideal for any business that operates remotely, we offer fully enabled POS devices that you can use to process standard transactions at a low cost, independent of your office or out-of-town infrastructure. Our wireless programs allow you to complete a transaction in seconds at a card-present rate and can also help reduce risk, improve cash flow, save administrative and transaction processing costs, and increase employee productivity and sales.

Our Wireless products help you successfully implement your mobile business strategy. Our wireless processing solutions combine innovation and reliability with mobility - allowing you to choose your own time and place for accepting and processing payments. Whatever the environment, our solutions provide the technology to make your point-of-sale accessible whenever you want, wherever you want.

Our wireless offerings are uniquely designed for merchants on the go and they create convenience and flexibility by delivering:

  • Multiple carrier/network options

  • Wireless solutions for anywhere, anytime – perfect for delivery services, limousines and taxi services, home repair, fairs, markets and more

  • Solutions for fixed locations where analogue and ethernet lines aren’t available or feasible – including kiosks, parking garages, stadiums, arenas and outdoor locations

  • POS devices with the form and functionality to support unique environments​

  • Fast authorizations

  • Chargeback reduction

  • Money-saving credit card swipe rates

Get started below, or call us at 1 866-783-8380

All merchants are provided the lowest rates and fees available based on business type, volume, ticket, and many other factors. Our promise to you is full disclosure of all rates and fees customized to your business. You will be the final judge. View our World Payment Services™ Guarantee.

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