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Pin Pads

Verifone P200

Leveraging the latest Linux-based operating system and power of Verifone's next-generation architecture, the Verifone P200 PIN pad delivers more features, greater functionality and endless opportunities while speeding customers through checkout. Part of the Verifone Engage portfolio, the P200's crisp, vibrant color screen, intuitive UI and enhanced dynamics not only ensure a better user experience, but are also ideal for multimedia. The P200 supports EMV and NFC/CTLS applications and can be paired with a host device for a complete, consumer-facing solution. Plus, unmatched Verifone reliability offers years of worry-free service. Faster processor and more memory to support multimedia usage and expedite checkout lines. Accepts all payment inputs including NFC/CTLS, EMV, and magstripe. Single connector reduces logistical complexities
Maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption Advanced commerce capabilities available, including BLE/beaconing support.


RP10 Pin Pad

The RP10 PIN Pad features an ergonomic keypad, visual display prompts and lights and audio cues, which simplify the payment process. It?s an ideal solution for merchants who need to handle a high volume of small-ticket transactions and wish to be ready for future security guidelines.


  • Accepts PIN-secured and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, STAR Network transactions, gift and EBT cards

  • Accepts chip-and-PIN-enabled cards, magnetic stripe cards, contactless cards, mobile phone payments and key fobs

  • PCI-PED Version 5.x approved

  • Protected by advanced technologies, including chip- and PIN (aka EMV) technology, the First Data TransArmor solution and one-time card number technology on certain contactless transactions, which includes STAR CertFlash for contactless transactions, via the STAR Network

  • Open payments software that is innovation-agnostic as new payment types emerge

  • Easy USB connectivity to First Data-certified terminals

  • Does not require a separate power supply

  • Interactive payment process with lights and audio cue

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