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Agent Benefits

Whether you simply want the best value in merchant account services, or you are looking for business opportunities, World Payment Services™ has a place for you.

  • Profit sharing on your own merchant account

  • Get paid residual income by introducing a merchant

  • Get a real business opportunity that can make well over six figures a year

  • No Hidden Fees

  • All Merchants Enjoy Reduced Rates and Fees Through Cost Plus Pricing

  • Capitalize on Technological Innovations

  • Vital Service for Business Owners

  • Overrides on Recruited Agents

  • Lifetime Residual Income

  • No Hard Selling, No Hype

  • Ongoing Training and Support

  • Your Own Website to Build Your Business

  • Real Time Merchant Reporting

Becoming an Agent with World Payment Services™

By joining the World Payment Service™ Agent Program you will earn a lifetime share of the processing fees merchants pay to accept credit cards. In addition, you will earn signing & healthcare bonuses and 100% of the profitability of setup fees and equipment sales.

Every business owner who desires to accept credit cards, or who is already accepting credit cards, is a prospect for you. Your income is unlimited and only dependent on your personal drive, hard work, and creativity. Some Agents simply sign a merchant or two a month and enjoy upfront commissions and a part time residual income. Others get aggressive and can make $100K per year and more. Whatever level of involvement fits for you, count on state of the art training in all aspects of finding, selling, and setting up merchants for credit card processing.

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