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  Clover Point of Sale Work Station
When you’re serious about payments, this is your POS.
Casual Dining Restaurants  



World Payment Services is please to partner with First Data to offer you Clover. High
performance and beautiful form on the outside. Intelligent software on the inside. With Clover
Station, you get our most powerful, productive countertop POS system. It’s designed from the
ground up to be the pillar of your business.

Make payments, track inventory, manage time sheets, run reports, print from its connectivity
hub. It’s a cinch to set up with everything right at your fingertips.

An all-in-one management tool that takes care of business. Whatever the job, wherever you
do it––front office, back office, no office. Clover’s got you covered.

Why Clover?
Don’t let anyone tell you in today’s world you need to purchase expensive hardware.   Software as a Service (SaaS) is now the industry standard.

World Payment Services “has your back” when it comes to bait and switch tactics. With a high integrity approach to merchant processing, economies of scale, and our purchasing power your business can benefit from extremely competitive processing fees -  including the use of a Clover POS Workstation.

Skeptical? Let our testimonials tell the story and inquire today about how your business
can join us and receive your Clover.  Your business has nothing to lose and everything to gain by simply learning more.


Clover Station


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