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Way Systems MTT and Printer

The Way Systems' Mobile Transaction Terminal (MTT) is a low cost wireless credit card processing solution for merchants wanting to accept credit and debit cards almost anywhere, anytime. It combines low-cost mobile phone technologies with the capabilities of a point of sale terminal. The Way System MTT attaches to a mobile printer in order to provide your customers with a printed receipt and allows you to retain a signed copy. The Mobile Transaction Terminal also has excellent coverage, one of the most important factors when choosing a wireless payment terminal. It utilizes the GPRS network. The Way System MTT comes ready, "out of the box", with the wireless data plan and merchant account, already activated and ready to process transactions upon delivery. If you are a mobile merchant and want lower processing costs by getting swiped rates, then the Way SystemMobile Transaction Terminal and Printer is for you!



  • Increase revenue by targeting new types of customers.
  • Rapid transaction times of less than seven seconds.
  • Fast deployment of time to market.
  • Microprocessor - High performance CPU 16 bit microprocessor optimized for low power consumption
  • Memory - RAM for POS Applications 128 Kbyte; SRAM 256 Kbytes; Flash: 1 Megabyte available out of 4 Megabyte
  • Smart Card reader - EMV Level1; EMV Level 2 VisaŽ Smart POS integration in progress
  • Card Reader - 3 Track Reader
  • Keypad - internal PINPAD option
  • Printer - Optional Thermal printer; Pocket size (75 x 103 * 34mm); Light weight (250g) for true mobility.; High speed (50mm/sec); High-resolution (203dpi : 8dots/mm).; Easier paper loading by clamshell design; Supports text and graphic printing; Serial(RS-232C), IrDA Ver 1.0(SIR) interface; Battery duration: 1 hour continuous printing; Rechargeable 7.2VDC 880mAH (Ni-MH);
  • Wireless Communications - Dual band GSM TM 850 / 1900 MHz (Siemens C56)
  • Security - MULTOS 4.06+ Security Module; PKI (for key exchange between MTT and Server); 3DES Encryption, RSA Encryption
  • Physical - Height: 4" (102 mm) x Width: 2"8 (54 mm) x Depth: 1"3/16 (30 mm)
  • Battery - Up to 200 hours stand-by time; Up to 300 Transactions per charge
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