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When you are entrusting the collection of your funds to other parties, you need to make sure you will be getting excellent service before and after the sale. You should be aware that many discount house Merchant Account Providers are hiring low salary or commission sales reps who know very little about banking or credit card processing. In many cases these inexperienced sales reps are not properly trained to understand your business. You should be aware of fast talking sales reps that don't take the time to learn about your business. Here are some of the things you can look for to rate the provider's service before and after the sale.

Service Before the Sale

When shopping for your Merchant Account Provider, you want to find a sales rep who will be your advocate through the sales process and beyond. This means answering all your questions and advising you during the application process. You should expect a prompt, accurate and professional response to your questions within 24 hours. If the sales rep is not asking you questions to learn about your business, he is less likely to be your advocate during the application process (this is typical of discount houses with low salary sales reps). The application should be fully prepared by the sales rep and delivered to you quickly, by hand delivery, e-mail or fax. When you read the application there should be no surprises on start-up fees & recurring fees. After your application is submitted, the provider will do a background & credit check on your company. This could take a matter of hours or 1-2 days. During this time, you should be able to call for a status on your application approval. If you are not getting this typ of service before the sale, this is not a good sign.

Service After the Sale

After you go live, you need the ability the process orders at any time. Your Merchant Account Provider must have the staffing and expertise to quickly help you with any of the following transaction roadblocks:


Funds Not Transferred To Your Account

Orders Put on Hold by the Processor's Bank

Gateway Server Down

In addition to helping you with roadblocks, here are eight other things you should look for to assure good service after the sale:

8 Key Indicators for Good Service After the Sale

1. 24x7 tech support, toll free, multi lingual

2. 100% Money Back Guarantee on upfront costs (if any)

3. Members in Good Standing with the Better Business Bureau

4. No High Pressure Sales Reps (not commission driven)

5. Sale Rep takes the time to fully learn & understand your business

6. Free lifetime software upgrades for fraud control

7. Ability to call Sales Rep as your advocate if you are not satisfied with tech support

8. New storefront and internet marketing Ideas.

It's in your best interest to test the customer service response before you sign up with the Merchant Account Provider. Try calling tech support on a Saturday and see how quickly they respond. If you are not confident with their expertise and responsiveness before you sign up, you need to keep on shopping.

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